Hire a juggler


Len & David Ferman each hold several titles and records for joggling- the competitive combination of jogging & juggling. A father & son team, 13 year old David will amaze you with his awesome juggling skills: 5 clubs, 7 balls, and tricks galore when he drops down to a mere 3 objects. David has appeared in the IJA Youth Showcase and recently won a Fabulous Phil Award at the Atlanta Jugglers Festival- the major annual gathering of jugglers in the southeast. Call Len Ferman at 904-730-7470 or email jaxjugglers@yahoo.com.



Doctor J is available evenings and weekends for birthday parties, scouting events and other get-togethers for kids ages 4 through 12, or an entirely different show for adult audiences (as for teenagers- well, they're pretty hard to please with juggling & Jay hasn't rocked with his band in years). The good Doctor plays acoustic guitar and performs well-known sing-along songs in addition to juggling a wide variety of items- anyone from SpongeBob, Elmo, Barney and other friends of the Doctor may take to the air during his shows. And let's not forget the kazoo. Jay has taught hundreds of people to juggle, dating back to his stint as Dictator for Life of the FSU Juggling Club in Tallahassee in the early 80's. Teaching clinics for age 10 through adult are available- and you can purchase sets of beanbags for your learning jugglers directly from Doctor J (discounts for multiple sets). Call Jay Schroer at 904-859-1297 or email jschroerjax-at-yahoo.com.