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2009 April Fools Day Juggling Festival
Miccosukee Land Co-op, Tallahasse, Fl April 17-19-2009
Photos by Mickey and Matthew Cecil

Tallahassee Club's photos
Brendan and Tiara Diamond videos

Matt playing with the lawn mowers.

Early juggling on Friday afternoon.

Friday afternoon combat.

Colorful ring juggling.

Stranger Still plays for the attendees on Friday night.

Wider view of the field and stage.

5 Ball Endurance game on Saturday afternoon.

Diablo class later in the day.

Infinite Illusion table.

Juggling Circus Products table.

Matt with a group juggling.

Still flying.

Jay assures them that it's only a flesh wound.

The finals of unicycle jousting.

The fire dragon is awakened before fire juggling can start.

Jay fires up his torches.

Mick and Jay pass torches.

Three person torch feed.

Fire poi.

More fire poi.

Jasun plays with the fire poi.

The fire thrives through the night.