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The Jax Jugglers

Len Ferman
Joggling: 1 mile 5:27
World champion in 800 & 1600 meters

David Ferman
Juggles 9 balls with 10 ball flash
World fastest juggler

Doctor J - Jay Schroer
Singer, Guitarist, Juggler
Professor of Kazoology

Mickey Cecil
Zen Juggler
Rock collector

Roger Smith
Unicycled since 13
Self taught juggler shortly after.

Matthew Cecil
FSC student

Ian Tartt
Juggles 5 balls and flashes 6

Don Tartt

Megan Finck

Darren Finck

Shivella Rogers

Triathlete and Juggler

Patrick Glover
Juggler since 7. Unicycled since 9.
Juggles all props.

Randy Graves
Juggled in Red Square w/ jugglers from Madrid
Juggled in London

Alex Trendler
Juggler from NY

Pam Shields

Brian Mandeville

Tim Gibbons
PA juggler for 15yrs
Juggled at the former site of the Berlin Wall

Dave Dodd

Rachel Cecil
Juggles when her dad makes her

Englewood High
Sports and Juggling keep me out of trouble.

Other Jax Jugglers:
Dave Graves
Tim Sellers
Ed Leto
Tom Hand
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